ARTBIO and Oslo University Hospital Announce Collaboration to Advance the Research and Development of Alpha Radioligand Therapies

Three-year sponsored partnership to enhance mechanistic understanding of 212Pb-based radiopharmaceuticals

OSLO, Norway and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 05, 2024 -- ARTBIO, Inc. (“ARTBIO”), a clinical-stage radiopharmaceutical company developing a new class of targeted alpha radioligand therapies (ARTs), and Oslo University Hospital (OUS), the largest hospital in Norway, today announced an exclusive research partnership to advance ARTs by leveraging collective expertise in radiopharmaceutical development.

The agreement strengthens the ongoing collaboration between Dr. Asta Juzeniene’s research group at OUS and ARTBIO and is geared to further understand the advantages of ARTs while advancing ARTBIO’s pipeline candidates and lead asset, AB001. The Department of Radiation Biology (the Institute for Cancer Research, OUS) will uncover the cellular mechanisms of action underlying 212Pb-conjugated radioligands and explore their impact in cancer therapy.

“I am confident that the partnership will be mutually beneficial as we work together with ARTBIO to expand our knowledge base of 212Pb-conjugated radioligand function in the body,” said Asta Juzeniene, Group Leader in Targeted Alpha Therapy. “Through our collective investigative efforts, we will accelerate the delivery of more effective therapies that are able to address notoriously intractable cancers. ARTBIO’s AlphaDirect™ platform is expediting the accessibility of a truly powerful 212Pb isolation technology in a benchtop-accessible format – mitigating the manufacturing and access issues that have troubled the field.”

“Thanks to extensive experience in developing and characterizing ARTs, Dr. Juzeniene and her team have played a pivotal role in the rapid progress that AB001 has demonstrated to date,” said Nick Pullen, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of ARTBIO. “This expanded collaboration gives us a clearer grasp of ART biology, which will undoubtedly position us well in bringing the most effective therapeutics to patients.”

The collaboration will support researchers and associated discovery costs – further financial details are not disclosed.


ARTBIO is a clinical-stage radiopharmaceutical company redefining cancer care by creating a new class of alpha radioligand therapies (ARTs). The unique ARTBIO approach selects the optimal alpha-precursor isotope (212Pb) and tumor-specific targets to create therapeutics with the potential for highest efficacy and safety. The company's AlphaDirect™ technology, a first-of-its-kind 212Pb isolation method, enables a distributed manufacturing approach for the reliable production and delivery of ARTs. ARTBIO is advancing multiple pipeline programs with lead program AB001 currently in first in human trials. ARTBIO is shaped by a long-standing scientific legacy with nearly a century of pioneering work in radiation therapy conducted at the University of Oslo and Norway’s Radium Hospital. For more information, visit, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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