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Radioligand Therapies and the Potential of ART

Cancer treatment has improved dramatically; however, there remains an enormous need for more therapies that offer greater precision and efficacy against tumors and deliver better safety and tolerability for patients. Radioligand therapy (RLT) is one of the most promising technologies which can address these unmet needs. In fact, recently approved RLTs have already significantly improved patient survival and quality of life.

The RLT landscape is currently dominated by beta-emitting isotopes, which sacrifice precision and efficacy in favor of centralized manufacturing and distribution. In contrast, alpha emitters used in ARTs have the potential to deliver significantly better efficacy to patients. Alpha radiation can result in greater damage to the cancer tissue by causing double stranded DNA breaks in cancer cells with less penetration in healthy tissue.

ARTBIO’s unique approach harnesses the power of ARTs and overcomes the challenges of existing RLTs.

We keep the needs of patients at our core – to effectively fight tumors. The ARTBIO approach rests upon four pillars: